Sunday, February 26, 2012

Four Months

We just had Emmett's four month check up. He weighed 16lb 10oz (82%) and measured 2 feet 2.5 inches (93%). I keep saying this, but I can't believe he's already four months old. Time is going by too fast. He is full of smiles lately and occasionally a giggle (but we have to work hard for those). It cracks me up to look at his early photos. He looks so cranky! Here he is month by month, with the cheesy onesie stickers...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Play Dates

Emmett was lucky enough to spend some time with two of his future bff's recently. First, the Brocksmiths invited us over for an amazing dinner (thanks for cooking friend!) and we got to spend time with little miss Saylor. Saylor is the happiest little baby, always full of smiles and laughs (just like her mama). She is three months older than E and it's so fun to see what we have coming our way in the next few sitting up on our own and eating solids!! Emmett was very impressed with her skills...

How are you sitting up on your own? That's amazing!

Mom, do you see what she's doing?

I love baby Saylor!

Next, we finally got to meet little baby Jackson Hurst. Jackson is almost two months old, so this time it was Emmett's turn to be the older more experienced baby.

Nothing makes me happier than babies hanging out with babies. I can't wait for more play dates and to watch Emmett grow up with these special friends.