Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily Updates

My mom recently got a new iPhone. She's pretty in love with it and I'm officially jealous. The best thing about the new phone is that she sends me funny little emails with pictures during the day to keep me posted on what they're doing. I usually get at least two pictures a day...and I really look forward to them. Usually the photos are of E doing something cute (see below) and her email will say something like this: Fed E bottle at 8:00am. He slept for 45 minutes. We're going for a walk now.

However, every now and then I'll get a hilarious update like this one..."I had him in the cutest outfit. He had a poop blowout. It was up to his armpits. We're starting over now."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stroller Face

We take our stroller rides very seriously around here. No ride is complete without a snuggle from "tiger baby."

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Whale Tail

Emmett has learned a scary new trick. He has been very active in his crib lately and loves to raise both of his legs up in the air and slam them down on the crib. It reminds me of a whale flopping its back fin down on the water-hence the name "whale tail." (Side-note: don't look up the definition of whale tail on urban dictionary. I didn't realize my clever name had a dirty alternate meaning.) Anyway, so last night we put E to bed with no issues. I peeked in to check on him a few hours later and I nearly had a heart attack. He had completely rolled over on his stomach and was turned sideways in the crib and his little legs were hanging out through the crib slats. He was sound asleep and seemed to be perfectly comfortable, but I was freaked out that he was "stuck" and wouldn't be able to roll back over on his back. I moved him back to the normal crib position, but all night long he proceeded to do the "whale tail" move to scoot himself back in that same position. Face down, legs through the crib slats. I finally gave up an let him sleep that way, but I didn't really sleep because I was busy obsessing about him suffocating.

Here are some pictures (I admit these photos are part of a staged reenactment):

He has good head control now-so I guess its okay for him to be sleeping on his stomach. Not that I can do anything to prevent him from rolling over to his stomach at night. But, the legs through the crib slats issue makes me worry. Should I go buy a breathable crib bumper to restrict his ability to get his legs through there? Thoughts?