Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bad Boy

Thought I was talking about the baby? Maybe Jordan? Nope. It's Big. He's awful. We officially want to ship him to the cat farm. He wants to move out of our house and live in the great outdoors. I'm about to give up and open the door and let him roam free. What am I saying, I wouldn't even have to open the door. He can just open it himself. The door to our back deck doesn't shut very well and he's learned that he can open it by standing on his hind legs and pushing the door open. Seriously. We've come home twice now to find the back door wide open with no cat in the house. I wonder why he wants out so badly. You mean he doesn't like getting chased and grabbed by Emmett all day?

Cat Nap

Even though this can't be comfortable, I still LOVE it when he naps in the car.

St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph,
We followed the advice of a good friend and buried you in our "yard" last July when we listed the condo for sale.  I prayed to you a lot during that year, especially at the end.  I know you helped us because selling that condo was nothing short of a miracle. It was a very happy moment when I got to dig you up out of that flower pot a year later. Thank you.  Oh, and just between you and me, you could have come out of the pot a little sooner if Jordan hadn't turned you in the wrong direction after watering the flowers.  It was an accident and he feels bad about it.

I'm also fairly certain that Russ from the mortgage company thanks you too.  Even though I'm sure he misses my hourly phone calls.  I know he was relieved and thankful to be done with us.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The BIG Move

I still can't believe it, but we sold the condo! It's been a hectic past few weeks, but we're so happy to have it over and done with and be in our new place.  We closed on the condo on a Tuesday, signed the new lease on a rental house on Friday, and moved EVERYTHING into the new place on Saturday. Nbd.

As happy as I was to get rid of that condo, it was still bittersweet to walk away from it the last time.  But, we're on to BIGGER and better things.  We're mostly settled in the new place and so far we really like it.  We've more than tripled the size of our living quarters and it's a little bizarre to have so much space.  Emmett finally has his own room.  Mr. Big can finally run away from Emmett.

There are lots of deer and golfers at our new place.  So far my new favorite activity is hunting for golf balls in our backyard.