Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's all in the Name

I was a complete crazy person when it came to making the decision on what to name Emmett. Jordan and I literally didn't make the final decision until we were filling out the SSA form in the hospital after he was born. For some reason, girl names were way more inspiring to me. I think boy names are tougher because you want something solid for a boy. Nothing too trendy, girly, or silly. I secretly wanted a tough guy name, even though I don't think Emmett really falls into that category.

Just in case you're wondering (I know you're not, but just skip this part), I was first obsessed with "Finn" (spawn off of my love for the name "Finley"). Finn was quickly out because of its popularity and because it was featured on the now annoying show Glee. Next up was Milo. I really loved Milo and it was a strong contender (for me) until the very end. Jordan never loved it and since Emmett was born I've started seeing commercials for "Milo's Dog Treats," which has now made me thankful we didn't choose that. There were a few things that made me hesitate on Emmett: 1) no good nickname, 2) it kind of sounds like a down south farmer name, and 3) it was a Cullen name. We tossed around Rory, Owen, Liam, Easton, Levi, and Dean...but the only one we both really loved was Emmett.

Anyway, since then I've felt good about the decision, until yesterday. Jordan comes home from work and declares, "some lady in my office said she heard on the radio that Emmett was one of the top baby names last year." What!?! I immediately said that wasn't possible because the list of last year's names isn't even out yet. Duh. And, even if it was out, Emmett was only #273 in 2010 and there is no possible way it's risen to the top. I mean come on, it's no Jacob, Ethan, or Aiden. Right? Apparently, not. Nameberry published some article that says Emmett is one of the hottest new names. Here's the part about Emmett:

"Emmett and the -ett boys – There’s a new wave of boys’ names that take their cue from the girls: Emmett rising on the coattails of wildly popular sister names Emma and Emily, Everett following the trail blazed by Eva, Beckett getting notice thanks to Becca. Think of -ett at the newest “it” ending for boys’ names, following yesterday’s –en and –er. But Emmett is the hottest of them all, partially thanks to Twilight’s Emmett Cullen."

My only hope is that I personally swayed the nameberry results because of my internet traffic to the site searching about Emmett. I went there all the time because I loved that feature where it will suggest other names you might like. Interestingly enough, when you search Emmett on the website it suggests that you might also like "Milo and Finn." So it's super accurate.

Sorry, baby Emmett. I hope I didn't set you up for a life of being referred to as "Emmett F." or made fun of because your mom named you after a character in a popular teen fiction series about vampires. At least you can say that your parents we're slightly ahead of the trend and be thankful that your dad was able to talk me out of naming you after a popular dog treat.

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  1. Oh I was always Sarah S. One year there was an other Sarah S. so she had to go by Sarah S.C. Totally forgot about that:)