Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pooped on in Port Orchard

The sun briefly poked out, so we decided to take the foot ferry over to Port Orchard. It started off as a lovely day. Emmett enjoyed his first ferry ride, we visited the farmers market, had some lunch...and then I got pooped on. I don't have the best luck with seagulls. This is the third time that I've been hit by seagull poop (twice before walking to work in the shipyard). I was standing inches away from Jordan and Emmett and they we're in the clear, but I had poop on my hair, the camera, and on every piece of clothing I was wearing. Lets just say it was a long trip home.   


Yes, I actually took a picture of a seagull before the poop incident. Is this the culprit? Did this make him mad and he decided to retaliate against me later? Rude. 


Jordan instantly took to his phone to update his facebook status and share with everyone that I had been pooped on. In his defense, he did use a baby wipe to help get the poop off my head.  

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