Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow WHAT!???

This is Emmett reacting to what his Mom is calling Snowmaggedon. Sure, there is not any snow as of yet in our "neck of the woods" (Roker Plug), but the Snowpacolypse will soon be upon us people - BE STRONG. That's because "First Snowflake Freakout Lady" a/k/a Lisa, is preparing for the worst... a blizzard of epic proportions. Well, that is according to one possible scenario laid out by Cliff Mass.

Not sure who Cliff Mass is? He puts out a weather blog discussing our Pacific Northwest weather. Check out his blog here. According to Lisa he is the expert of weather experts; the creme dela creme among those other local hacks, who we need not mention here, who simply throw darts at weather charts. You see, Cliff Mass studies numerous weather patterns and models, then through infinite wisdom of weatherdumb can pinpoint the precise weather predictions like Nostradamus.

Sensing sarcasm? Well, I for one tend not always to go by what Mr. Mass has to say. As I recall last winter, some other local forecasters called for a bit of snow. But according to Lisa, Mr. Mass dismissed the predictions and suggested only some rain. Well as it turns out, I went to work and then spent over four hours in the car trying to get home that night. At least Mr. Mass has been known to eat some humble pie and states he doesn't always get it right, see here.

So, with many forecasts calling for 5 to 10 inches or even upwards of 15 inches... we shall see.


  1. Unfortunately, Cliff is getting cold feet and has scaled back his prediction of a "snowmageddon". If we don't get some serious flakes soon...I'm going to be really disappointed!

  2. Just saw Cliff on channel 7. The meteorologists were salivating over him. Had now idea he was such a local (weather) hero.