Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bad Boy

Thought I was talking about the baby? Maybe Jordan? Nope. It's Big. He's awful. We officially want to ship him to the cat farm. He wants to move out of our house and live in the great outdoors. I'm about to give up and open the door and let him roam free. What am I saying, I wouldn't even have to open the door. He can just open it himself. The door to our back deck doesn't shut very well and he's learned that he can open it by standing on his hind legs and pushing the door open. Seriously. We've come home twice now to find the back door wide open with no cat in the house. I wonder why he wants out so badly. You mean he doesn't like getting chased and grabbed by Emmett all day?


  1. Seriously?! Was he out when you got home?!

  2. Yes! I think he was out playing the whole time we were gone. We found him way out of our yard up by the neighbors house.