Friday, October 26, 2012

You're # 1!

I just got home from a work trip to San Diego.  Jordan (and my mom) took great care of E while I was gone. We skyped every night and it was so funny to see Emmett. He was a little perplexed at first about why I was on the screen and kept peeking behind the laptop.  I don't even think he realized I was away. Jordan reported that both the baby and the Mr. Big slept way better with me gone. Go figure.  I'm really glad to be home, I missed by boys.  

I finally got around to downloading the photos off my camera and I realized we've had a lot of exciting stuff going on lately. Bike repairs, pumpkin patch, Boo at the Zoo (I know that's not the name, but I think this sounds better), and biggest of all....turning one! 

He loved the carousel...

Until it started moving.  

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  1. Love the birthday pancakes! And, I'm sure he'll be a fan of the carousel in no time!