Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breaking Binky

We decided that Emmett's new years resolution should be to get rid of the binky. I really wish we would have done this a few months ago - when he wasn't so attached to it.  But, we didn't want to make him get rid of it right before the big change of starting daycare. Since then he's just gotten more and more attached to it. Anyway, we're on day two of going cold turkey with no binky. I felt really bad yesterday. When we laid him down for nap he looked at us like "wait your forgetting something" and he kept pointing to the dresser in his room where we used to keep them. Then he screamed bloody murder for over a half an hour. The naps have been really rough (like non-existent), but I think it's getting better. I'm torn about what to do when he goes to daycare. I think it's going to be really hard on the teachers to eliminate it completely. And, getting him to nap there is really hard even with the stupid binky. I know, I over think these things!

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