Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This was the second year in a row that we decided to hit up zoolights. Last year was slightly miserable, but we blamed it on the fact that E was little, it was cold, and super crowded. This year it was still miserable. I feel horrible saying this. I want to love it. E was bigger this year, but it was still cold and super crowded. Emmett wasn't really that into it either. He liked the deer a lot, but other than that he made his super serious face the whole time. It didn't help that I forgot E's shoes and that Jordan and I got into a fight over the self timer on the camera. Oh well. Looking back at the pictures makes me think it wasn't that bad. I'm sure we'll forget all about this and go again next year.

 This was his face...the entire time. 

 This was Jordan's face the entire time. 

E better not grow up to be a hunter. He is seriously impressed with deer lately. My uncle sent us a Christmas card with some deer on the front and that was his favorite card. We still look at it everyday and wave to the deer out our window.   

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