Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake

Happy Chinese New Year! Jordan and I had an amazing weekend to start out the Year of the Snake. My parents watched Emmett and we had an overnight date night in Tacoma.  This was technically the first time we had both been gone from him overnight, but he was fine.

We decided to do an early Valentines Day celebration and go look for Monkeyshines. It was fantastic! We came home with a glass ball and a medallion.  We actually ended up finding five glass balls, but of course didn't take more than our share. Its just so fun to find them! And, its so funny to see everyone out of bed early in the morning searching around the city.  Everyone tries to act all nonchalant and tries to act like they're not really looking.  I can't wait until Emmett is older and can come along with us. We learned our lesson from last year and didn't drag him out of bed.  Only thing I would change is that our one night away, we got out of bed at 5am and didn't even sleep in. We're nuts.

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  1. What a great date morning! Love the pics and this is SO intriguing. :-) Hope you at least had a nice celebratory brunch to relax this AM!